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Spirax Sarco

Complete line of steam traps, regulators, pneumatic control systems, pressure powered and electric condensate pumps/pump packages, humidifiers, stainless steel specialties, ball valves, pipeline auxiliaries, heat exchanger packages, boiler controls, flash vessels.

EMCO A trademark of Spirax Sarco

Flow meters for accurate measurement of steam, liquids and gases. Comprehensive technologies including vortex, turbine, Gilflo variable area, fixed orfice plate, ultrasonic, electro-magnetic and mass energy flow monitoring. Insertion, inline & hot tap options. Turndowns ratios from 100:1 to 10:1. Complete line of flow processors, pressure and temperature transmitters and display indicators.

Spirax-ThermaFlo Engineering

Steam fired water heaters, clean steam generators, blow down tanks, heat recovery tanks, boiler feed water systems, spray and tray deaerator tanks, and surge tanks.


Commercial, institutional and industrial water heaters powered by all common energy sources including gas, oil, steam with dual energies available. Storage type or instantaneous tankless operation. High-efficiency condensing units with efficiency ratings up to 99%. Solar or waste-heat recovery water heaters.

Riverside Hydronics

Gas fired water boilers including non-condensing low mass finned copper boilers, 93-97% efficient fire-tube condensing boilers, gas, oil or combination gas/oil fired non-condensing boilers, electric boilers, gas-fired finned copper water heaters with side-arm hot water storage tanks.


Expansion joints, expansion compensators, pipe alignment guides, bellows pump connectors, braided metal hose, flex connectors, Barco ball joints and venture flow meters.

Super Radiator Coils

New and replacement heat transfer coils for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, industrial process and specialty applications. Available in copper, aluminum, cupro-nickel, steel, stainless steel, and special materials and coatings. Custom design and engineering services available.

Temtrol Coils

Heating, cooling, steam DX, condenser, heat re-claim, new and replacement coils. Distinct coil circuiting options for optimal performance. Two, five, or ten day quick-ship options.

JFD Tube & Coil

Shell and tube heat exchangers, replacement tube bundles, pipe and tube coils, tank heaters. Specializes in stainless steel construction.

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