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In-house Training Provided by Herline Technologies

Herline Technologies offers on-site training services tailored to meet the needs of your facility or engineering firm. Each class is customized to meet your schedule.

Spirax Sarco Factory Training Facility

  • Spirax Sarco, Inc. offers a wide variety of training opportunities at four world-class training centers. The classes include steam system basics, fundamentals of design/engineering and maintenance/ troubleshooting. Specialty classes include flow metering, boiler controls, clean steam utilization and temperature, pressure and control valves.
  • All classes include lab sessions with live demonstrations and hands-on activities.
  • Certificate of completion, including Professional Development Hours (PDH) earned for every course.
  • For training sessions available at the Spirax Sarco facility in Allentown, PA click here

Steam System Audits

  • Improve your systems' reliability, performance and cost effectiveness. An audit can include the complete steam distribution loop, starting with the water treatment plant right through to process applications and condensate return or just focus on certain aspects of the system.
  • Each audit is designed to your particular requirements and is conducted by experienced Spirax Sarco Cedrtified Energy Managers (CEM), (DOE and SSAT accredited)

Steam Trap Surveys

  • Irrespective of the type or brand, steam traps are recognized as a potential source for significant energy loss. A Spirax Sarco steam trap survey will identify, tag, test and report on every steam trap in your facility. Using Spirax Sarco's Steam Trap Monitoring Software (STMS), the survey team generates comprehensive and detailed reports available either in hard copy or electronically that may be downloaded to a PC.
  • Failed traps are highlighted, steam losses calculated and investment payback time for failed trap replacement reported.
  • For more information covering on-site trap surveys and services sponsored by Spirax Sarco, click here.
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